MAGnify 2019: is the earth flat?

Danny Devriendt invites media experts to discuss the media and advertising world of today.

Some people keep believing that planet earth is flat. Even in the face of overwhelming scientific and experiential evidence, while having access to every source imaginable. Or is it because of this overload of information that the truth seems to have lost value? The revival of quality journalism after the Trump election and the Brexit give us hope: many people are searching for truth and qualitative information from trustworthy sources.

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For our MAGnify 2019 sofa session we haven’t managed to find anyone to defend the title statement. We have found five Belgian media experts who will discuss the consequences of today’s brave new world of post truth and misinformation. Specifically the consequences of these trends and developments for media, advertising and journalism. We are proud to present the experts of our MAGnify 2019 sofa session:

Danny-Devriendt Danny Devriendt, CEO of IPG/Dynamic will moderate the discussion.

Eline Goethals  Eline Goethals, Strategist at FCB global

Eva Van Driessche, Flair Eva Van Driessche, Editor in chief of Flair and

Ruben Ceuppens HAVAS Ruben Ceuppens, Digital Partner at Havas Media Group Belgium

Zoe van Gastel 1 Zoe van Gastel, Creative Partner at Native Nation.

Read our interviews with the MAGnify speakers: