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« Magazine media tells and sells »

« Magazine media builds brand (I am going to show you proof), and sell product (I’m going to show you proof) in a safe and transparent environment », said Linda Thomas Brooks, CEO of the MPA (The Association of Magazine Media) at the FIPP Congress in London (9-11 Oct). Thomas Brooks is a relative newcomer in the magazine media business (CEO of MPA since 2016) with a background in marketing, advertising and digital and has a positive and fresh vision on magazine media. Supported by a lot of solid research evidence, as promised.

The video of her presentation below gives a summary of the importance and strengths of magazines in the advertising marketplace. If you are searching for some great arguments to convince an advertiser about magazine media: look no further, you find all of them here.

3:33 – How we talk about magazines: « You may not use the phrase ‘print is not dead’. @5:24 – Magazines are at the top ànd the bottom of the purchase funnel.

5:30 – The Association of National Advertisers in the US rolled out their research which says that more than 2/3 of the brands that they track (over 400 members) did not show year-on-year business growth. Despite the fact that their advertising expenditure went up.

6:12 – « What many major marketeers in the US have been talking about is that they went too low in the purchase funnel, they spent too much time on digital tactics that are akin to digital marketing. And they forgot to put anybody in the top of the funnel. And guess what? That is what magazines do very, very well for brands. »

9:14 – American television does have massive reach, except that it is not quite as big as magazines

9:47 – « You want to have the conversation about the vitality ? I am happy to have that conversation! Because magazines win. »

10:02 – I am going to show you quick top lines from two research companies that are very wellknown in the US:

1. Millward Brown (media mix modelling – 150 brand studies): 11.00 – Any time you add a channel your numbers will go up. When you add print your numbers will go up the most.

Graph Awareness Measures per mediumGraph Lower funnel metrics per medium

2. 12:05 Nielsen Catalina (return on ad spend – 1.400 case studies): 12:50 If you put a dollar into your media mix in magazines you get a return of $3.49, a really good ratio.

13:27 – In the US the magazine brands work together to do  a money back guarantee on advertising programs (more info here). They guarantee a positive ROI. All 80 campaigns that were measured in the past 8 years had a guaranteed positive ROI.

14:55 – Magazines are invited guests into consumers’ homes. If you’re an advertiser you get to come along as a ‘plus one’.

15:20 – Research statements where consumers say: « Magazine media is more trusted, inspiring and motivating than any other media channel. »

15:43 – « What consumers have found in this very complicated media eco system is that magazine brands are a shortcut to quality. »

16:50 – The campaign that we launched in the US just last week, a collaborative effort of magazine publishers in the US, that talks about the credibility of magazine media #BelieveMagMedia (more info here)

17:43 – « If there was ever a time wehre the rethoric about magazines should be positive, this is it! »

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